Industrial Solar Integration

Pole Mounted
Solar Systems

Dragonfly Energy Pole Mounted Solar Systems are designed to provide your application and equipment with reliable, continuous power. We offer a full line of industrial solar systems made up of the highest-quality solar power supplies on the market, from weatherproof enclosures to system wiring, panels, mounting hardware, and Dragonfly Energy LiFePO4 batteries.
Our team of engineers has designed thousands of pole mounted photovoltaic systems that have been installed worldwide. These systems provide efficient, stand-alone solar power and implement renewable energy and sustainable products.

Dragonfly Energy Pole Mounted
Solar Systems Ideal For:


Obstruction Lighting


WiFi & Repeaters

Security Cameras

Smart Meter Readers

Flow Meters & Measurement Devices

Microwave Relay

Flow Monitoring

Valve Actuation



Water Management

Security & Area Lighting

PoE Security Cameras

Off-Grid Applications

Cathodic Protection​

Environmental Monitoring​

GPS Sensors​

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Quality Assurance

Dragonfly Energy continually evaluates and tests our system components to guarantee we are providing the latest and most reliable systems available. Through our quality control program, we review system sizing, inspect incoming materials, hold ourselves to high production standards, and document processes extensively to offer systems of only the highest quality.

Each of our Pole Mounted Solar Systems has been designed based on popular demand, and custom systems are also available. Please contact us for a free system sizing analysis to ensure your equipment will operate as desired.

Photovoltaic Modules

Solar Charge & Load Controller

Balance of System Components

LiFePO4 Batteries

12VDC, 24VDC & 48VDC
System Kits Available With:

Battle Born Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Batteries

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Pole Mounting Bracket for Solar Panels

NEMA 3R Aluminum Battery Enclosure

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Panel PV Cable

Battery Jumper Interconnection Kit

System Wire Assembly



Partner With Us

For ordering information or to learn more, contact our team of Industrial Solar Integration Specialists.