Industrial Solar Integration

AC/DC Coupled
Solar Systems

Our Dragonfly Energy AC/DC Coupled Solar Systems are used for residential solar, commercial solar, satellite communications, island solar power, village solar power, off-grid solar, schools, base power, mobile backhaul, rural broadband, homeland security, remote telecommunication towers, site telemetry, and more.

Our systems harness global resources to efficiently produce energy to power remote locations where electricity is traditionally inconsistent or unavailable. Concerns about areas of operation are no longer a problem with our battery back-up solar solutions. Our technology know-how and application experience enable us to develop products, services, and solutions that deliver the proven performance and reliability our customers expect.

Custom or Pre-Designed
DC Coupled Solar Systems

Our solar systems will deliver power to loads while charging the batteries in any application, including full off-grid! We specialize in off-grid and grid-connected battery backup solutions with optional generator assistance available for any application around the world.

Let us design an AC/DC Coupled Solar System and pair it with a battery bank from to fit your needs.

System SizeDescriptionBattery Bank CapacityBattery Bank Voltage
24VDC 100Ah100 Amp Hour 24 Volt Nominal LiFePO4 Battery Bank100 Amp/Hr24VDC
24VDC 270Ah270 Amp Hour 24 Volt Nominal LiFePO4 Battery Bank270 Amp/Hr24VDC
48VDC 100Ah100 Amp Hour 48 Volt Nominal LiFePO4 Battery Bank100 Amp/Hr48VDC
48VDC 270Ah270 Amp Hour 48 Volt Nominal LiFePO4 Battery Bank270 Amp/Hr48VDC
48VDC 540Ah540 Amp Hour 48 Volt Nominal LiFePO4 Battery Bank540 Amp/Hr48VDC
48VDC 810Ah810 Amp Hour 48 Volt Nominal LiFePO4 Battery Bank810 Amp/Hr48VDC
48VDC 1080Ah1080 Amp Hour 48 Volt Nominal LiFePO4 Battery Bank1080 Amp/Hr48VDC

Schneider XW Pro Eco-System


Easy to Install

Backup Power Performance

Compatible with Insight

Smart Energy Management

Sol-Ark AC/DC Coupled Solar System

Dragonfly Energy trusts Sol-Ark 8K, 12K, and 15K Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverter Systems in our AC/DC Coupled Solar Systems. These feature an all-in-one system that includes an inverter, charger controller, and a display with remote monitoring for simple to install and use Sol-Ark AC/DC Coupled Solar System​s.



Victron Energy
Solar Battery Backup Inverter Systems

Dragonfly Energy utilizes a number of Victron Energy components in our AC/DC Coupled Solar Systems, including Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controllers, Victron Cerbo GX, Victron SmartShunt, Victron GlobalLink 520, Victron MultiPlus, and Victron Quattro. Together, these components make for reliable Victron Solar Battery Backup Inverter Systems​.



Solid, Measurable Results

Case after case proves that, across all industries, Dragonfly Energy AC/DC Coupled Solar Systems are delivering exactly as promised. Thousands of users see the results every day. Contact our dedicated technical team for a free quotation and sizing analysis.

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