System Integration

Unleash Clean,
Reliable Power With
Lithium Solutions

Dragonfly Energy presents the Battle Born Batteries Lithium Power Pack Series, a comprehensive line of pre-configured lithium-ion battery systems designed to bring reliable power to a diverse range of applications. From recreational vehicles (RVs) and vans to mobile operations, off-grid installations, and industrial settings, these all-in-one solutions deliver clean power with unparalleled efficiency.

Unleash Clean, Reliable Power With Pre-configured Lithium Solutions

Seamless Integration,
Simplified Operations

The Battle Born Batteries Lithium Power Pack Series prioritizes ease of use. Each system boasts a pre-wired design, minimizing installation complexity and ensuring a seamless drop-in solution. The Lithium Power Pack translates to quieter operation and a significantly reduced environmental impact, freeing users from dependence on noisy generators and their associated fuel emissions.

Delivering Customization for
Dealers and Manufacturers

Dragonfly Energy recognizes the unique needs of our valuable business partners and has brought custom configurations for dealers and OEMs to leverage. With this level of tailored solutions, we empower seamless integration of all-in-one solutions, ensuring an ideal fit for specific application requirements.

Benefits of the Battle Born Batteries
Lithium Power Pack Series

Simplified Installation

Pre-wired design minimizes complexity and streamlines integration.

Enhanced Efficiency

Cleaner, quieter operation reduces dependence on generators and fuel.

Unparalleled Reliability

Lithium-ion technology delivers safe, dependable power for extended use.

Scalable Solutions

Customizable configurations cater to diverse application needs.

Lithium Power Pack 6500

Quick & Simple Setup with Limited Installation Required

The Ultimate Generator Alternative

For RVs, Vans, Mobile & Off-Grid Applications

Clean, Silent & Reliable Power Solution

Designed with the Safest LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry

Custom Configurations Available for Volume Orders

What’s Inside This All-In-One Power System?

The First Solar Powered Barncast!

The Tom Green Podcast
Made possible with the Lithium Power Pack

A Canadian-American comedian, host, actor, podcaster, and now off-grid dweller, Tom Green made the movie from decades in Hollywood to 100-acre farm life in Ontario. Launching The Tom Green Podcast in its new location, Tom hosts the remote ‘Barn-Cast’ series using the power of Battle Born Batteries.

“If you want off-grid energy, this is the way to do it.”

Tom Green

On The Tom Green Podcast, Barn-Cast Episode

As Featured on the
Joe Rogan Podcast!

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