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Reliable, Real-World Energy Storage

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3,000 Sq.Ft. Luxury Off-Grid Living

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Lodge at Jackson Meadows sits over 18 miles from the nearest power line and is completely off the grid. Spread across four structures–the main house, yoga studio and guest house, garage, and well house–this property’s power demands required a substantial off-grid energy solution to meet the owner’s expectations.

Installer Steven Lewis of Five Star Nomadic took the impressive project to Battle Born Batteries and defined a robust lithium power system that would ensure the Lodge at Jackson Meadows remains fully powered without question.

The property’s off-grid power system includes a nearly 30kW solar array and 207kWh of Battle Born Lithium Batteries to power:

Mobile Surveillance Turns to Lithium for Long-Lasting, Reliable Power

Offering mobile surveillance units for a variety of businesses including construction sites, events, retail, and more, Site Secure Solutions wanted only the most reliable and high-efficient components in each of their mobile. Looking to provide long-lasting, maintenance-free power, Site Secure made the switch from traditional lead acid to lithium-ion batteries.

“We make a mobile surveillance unit that is powered strictly by the sun and cellular connection, completely off the grid, available to be put anywhere, that can relay the video back to whoever has access to it.”

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The mobile surveillance units are featured in a smaller form factor, allowing them to fit in more places with a sleek and slim design. They are equipped with four fixed cameras which have the option for thermal radar units that can see in pitch darkness up to 1500 feet away. The cameras are attached to a specially designed telescoping pole that houses the cables so no one can cut or damage them, and it extends up to 21 feet tall. This offers a bird’s eye view that allows the cameras to see everything from above, offering better surveillance.  

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No Idling, No Hassle | An Owner-Operator Revolutionizes His Long-Haul Truck with Lithium Batteries

After moving away from working with a carrier, long-haul truck driver Mark Raatz became an Owner-Operator, transitioning the framework of his trucking career. He purchased his own heavy-duty truck and quickly discovered how inefficient sleeper cab operating systems were.

Relying on lead acid batteries, Mark was forced to consume excess fuel while idling and incurred extensive maintenance costs upkeeping and frequently replacing his lead acid batteries. Once he discovered lithium batteries in 2016, he knew LiFePO4 was the perfect solution for his long-haul truck system and career.

Now, with zero maintenance and reliable power, Mark can continuously power the necessities in his sleeper cab without idling and without wasting fuel. As one of the first in the trucking industry to upgrade to lithium batteries, this Owner Operator loves sharing his knowledge with other drivers and discussing the future of the long-haul trucking industry.

Keystone RV Offers Lithium Batteries Through Its SolarFlex Program & Top Dealerships

Keystone RV and their popular SolarFlex program offer reliable, powerful Dragonfly Energy lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries as standard or optional OEM equipment on all travel trailers and fifth-wheels.

As environmentally safe, high-performance, and maintenance-free products, Dragonfly Energy’s product line of lithium-ion batteries has changed the way the RV industry looks at energy storage and is changing how Keystone RV customers experience their travels in the great outdoors.

Our LiFePO4 batteries outperform replacements for traditional lead acid batteries with:

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