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For Recreational Vehicle, Heavy Duty Trucking, Industrial Solar Integration, Off Grid Residential, Marine, and More.
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Battle Born Batteries®

The Battle Born Batteries® brand has led the shift from antiquated lead acid to cutting-edge lithium technology across industries. With a comprehensive product line of lightweight, safe, and dependable lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery packs, Battle Born Batteries has a rich legacy of energizing lifestyles on the road, on the water, and off the grid. The brand is also synonymous with top-tier domestic customer service and technical support, ensuring unparalleled reliability for customers.

The Leader In
Lithium Batteries

Since 2014, Battle Born Batteries has equipped customers across various sectors, including RV, Heavy Duty Trucking, Industrial Solar Integration, Off-Grid Residential, and Marine markets, with dependable power solutions. With hundreds of thousands of LiFePO₄ battery packs deployed in the field and as the trusted choice of leading OEMs, worldwide customers, top YouTubers and celebrities- Battle Born Batteries has emerged as a leader in lithium batteries.