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Whether it’s a journey to circumnavigate the world or a day reeling in bass, boaters rely on long-lasting power to keep them out on the water. Dragonfly Energy’s marine power solutions, including LiFePO4 Battery Packs, Advanced Communication Technology, and Alternator Regulation, have been put to the test across diverse boating scenarios, showcasing not just their potency and safety, but also their unwavering reliability.

From powerboats to luxury yachts, commercial vessels, sailboats, and trolling motors, Battle Born Batteries® have served as the backbone of marine electrical systems. With a proprietary battery management system (BMS), our LiFePO4 batteries instill boaters with confidence that their battery bank will operate seamlessly, free from any safety concerns, even in remote waters.

Solutions Tailored to Marine Electrical Systems

Battle Born Batteries® LifePO4 Battery Packs

Dragonfly IntelLigence™ Technology

Wakespeed® Advanced Alternator Charging

ABYC Compliant Lithium Power Systems

ABYC E-13 Compliant Lithium Power Systems

Our Dragonfly IntelLigence™ technology offers remote system monitoring, alerts, and more which are key to easily configuring a power system compliant with the ABYC E-13 Standards For Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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