Nevada Lithium Battery Factory.

Dragonfly Energy’s lithium battery factory in Reno, Nevada is a hub of American innovation. The facility leverages Dragonfly Energy’s own patented technologies to develop diverse lithium cell chemistries and advanced pack design, pushing the boundaries of energy storage solutions.

Dry Electrode Battery
Cell Manufacturing.

Our innovative dry electrode process enables unparalleled versatility, empowering us to produce battery cells utilizing various lithium chemistries such as NMC, LCO, and LFP, among others. This adaptability seamlessly caters to a wide range of application requirements. In comparison to conventional approaches, our technology drastically reduces the manufacturing footprint, diminishes energy consumption, and eliminates the need for toxic solvents.

Battery Pack Assembly.

Our dedication to superior quality is evident in our in-house manufacturing process, utilizing skilled technicians and optimized automation for assembling LiFePO4 battery packs. This commitment, along with stringent quality control procedures, premium components, and innovative design, has established Battle Born Batteries as one of the most trusted and reliable lithium battery brands in the market. Since 2020, We have manufactured hundreds of thousands of battery packs, exemplifying our dedication to quality and performance.

Committed to a Sustainable Future.

At Dragonfly Energy, we are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact by implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. Our commitment includes eliminating toxic solvents in cell manufacturing, prioritizing waste reduction, and promoting recycling initiatives. These efforts underscore our commitment to developing environmentally friendly technologies through responsible manufacturing processes, reflecting our core values. We are steadfast in our pursuit of making a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable future for all.

The Nevada Lithium Loop

The U.S. has an estimated

14 Million Metric Tons

of lithium resources.

Nevada is ranked the

#1 Mining Jurisdiction

in the world

The state of Nevada, known as the lithium capital of North America, is striving to establish a complete “Lithium Loop” within its borders.

The Nevada Lithium Loop is an ambitious project that aims to create a self-sufficient and globally competitive ecosystem encompassing the entire lithium life cycle, from extraction and processing to manufacturing and recycling. Leveraging its abundant lithium resources and crucial electrification materials, Nevada is collaborating with companies, educational institutions, and workforce development organizations to solidify its position as a global leader in the lithium industry.

Dragonfly Energy’s endeavors in battery cell manufacturing, battery pack assembly, and strategic partnerships with lithium mining and recycling companies all play a pivotal role in the progress of this comprehensive battery supply chain.

Large Natural
Deposits of Lithium


Environmentally Conscious Mining

Battery Pack Assembly


Battery Cell

Strategic Partnerships
& Offtake Agreements