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Lithium Power Helping Medium & Heavy Duty Trucking Fleets Save Money, Reduce Environmental Impact & Improve Efficiency

Dragonfly Energy brings award-winning lithium power systems to the heavy duty trucking industry, with solutions designed to run hotel loads in sleeper cabin trucks, provide reliable power for liftgates, eliminate idling, and increase productivity, sustainability, and more. 

Our Battle Born All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) and Liftgate Power System are the most advanced and reliable fully-electric solutions on the market. These customized units are tailored to meet the demands of the trucking industry and feature a state-of-the-art lithium battery system that provides an efficient, long-lasting, maintenance-free, and cost-effective way to power hotel loads and liftgate operations, all without running a truck’s engine.

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Transition to cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable all-electric trucking power systems. Get in touch with our Trucking Specialists to discuss how Dragonfly Energy’s solutions can meet the needs of your fleet.

Long-haul trucking, an industry integral to global commerce, faces the challenge of improving the efficiency of sleeper cab hotel loads for driver comfort, safety, and increased sustainability. This whitepaper advocates for a transformative solution: adopting advanced all-electric lithium-ion auxiliary power units (APUs) to power the hotel loads of sleeper cab semi-trucks.

Historically, lead acid batteries have powered much of the industrial equipment market, including liftgates. In this study, we test the historic lead acid battery compared to the performance and advantages of lithium iron phosphate, including long-term cost savings and increased capacity, in a liftgate application.