RVBusiness: Keystone Montana’s Solar Power Features Dragonfly Battery

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Earlier this year, Keystone introduced the Super SolarFlex, an optional off-grid package offering 510Ah of our lithium-ion batteries. Below is an article from RVBusiness.com.

By RVBusiness – Published March 31, 2020

Dragonfly Energy batteries in a RV compartment

Dragonfly Energy has partnered with the Keystone Innovation Lab to launch the company’s first high-performance solar power system, Keystone’s Montana Super SolarFlex. According to a press release, Super SolarFlex is an advanced energy system designed, engineered and optimized exclusively for Keystone Montana.

As the world of camping evolves, there has been shift to off-grid camping. When faced with this changing market, Keystone’s lab engineer, Jon Brock, was tasked with putting together a “dream team” to outfit the new Montana Coach.

“Putting the GameChanger battery on board the Montana coach to me is a no brainer, and it really adds to that customer experience because that’s what people buy these RVs for. With the right battery on board, it makes a big difference on a rig like this. It’s going to offer a lot of freedom to the person who decide to buy the Montana Super Solar package,” stated Sean Nichols, COO of Dragonfly Energy.

The new Montana Coach is decked out with two of Dragonfly Energy’s new GC3 batteries. With the GameChanger (GC3) outfitted in the new Keystone Montana, the two 12-volt, 255 amp-hour lithium batteries pack twice the amount of usable power at a fraction of the weight as a lead acid battery. In addition to the 510 amp-hours of lithium-ion storage, this new battery is equipped with a new built-in heating system for cold charging conditions. The GC3 is only available to OEMs.

A division of Dragonfly Energy, Battle Born Batteries offers the power of lithium ion technology directly to consumers. Battle Born Batteries brand ambassador Kyle Brady from “Drivin’ and Vibin’” has been a user of Battle Born Batteries for years.

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