Dragonfly Energy CEO, Dr. Denis Phares, Looks Toward a Greener Future

At TEDxReno’s recent 2022 event, Dr. Denis Phares led a talk on the future of battery technology, a missing piece to the puzzle in solving a green energy crisis. The push towards more renewable energy, from sources such as wind and solar, can only go as far as our energy storage systems allow, and Dr. Phares explains how revolutionizing energy storage with new technology could be the key to a greener tomorrow.   

Beyond the Electric Car | How Batteries Can Save Us From a Green Disaster 

One Step Forward, One Step Back  

There are four main areas of energy consumption: transportation, industrial, commercial, and residential. For decades, burning fossil fuels has been the main source of continuous power for each of these sectors, and there has been increasing concerns regarding how this will impact our future.   

In recent years, a widespread push towards greener energy utilized has led to electric vehicles becoming far more prevalent. Many feel, as they switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric ones, that they are playing their part in making a significant impact on our carbon footprint. But, with a power grid that is stressed to its limit and intermittent sources of renewable energy, like wind and solar, there is a continuous cycle of taking one step forward towards a greener future and one step back.  

To efficiently utilize energy produced by renewable resources, the grid needs a sustainable and widely implementable storage solution, which is where Dragonfly’s future solid state technology has the potential to revolutionize the entire electrical grid. 

Ideas Worth Sharing at TEDxReno  

During his career as a tenured professor at the University of Southern California, Dr. Denis Phares began envisioning the advancement of renewable energy technologies and an impact in green energy storage. He went on to start Dragonfly Energy, known as one of America’s fastest-growing and industry-leading Lithium-ion battery technology companies. As CEO, Dr. Phares is leading the charge in storage systems, looking to a future of green and renewable energy.   

In his TEDxReno talk, “Going Beyond the Electric Car | How the Future of Batteries can Save us from a Green Disaster,” Dr. Phares gives insight on how green energy storage systems with Dragonfly Energy’s patented and proprietary technologies are the key to making a positive and sustainable impact on climate change.   

Watch the talk below and learn more about the pitfalls of current strides toward a greener future and what is needed to make the widespread use of renewable energy possible.   

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