Keystone Montana Partners with Dragonfly Energy 

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In an exciting new partnership, Keystone Montana RV and Dragonfly Energy have joined forces to offer their best package yet.


Keystone’s new turnkey Montana Super SolarFlex system is powered by lithium. Dragonfly Energy’s new GameChanger GC3 battery is reliable and functional with built-in heat to allow it to charge (and hold a charge) in cold temperatures. You won’t have to wire your own unit or hire someone – it’s ready to hit the road as soon as you are.


The GameChanger is our 12 volt 255 amp-hour lithium battery. Each Dragonfly Energy battery can be cycled to a 100% depth of discharge and has a built-in battery management system. With the GameChanger setup outfitted in the Keystone Montana, you can pack twice the amount of usable power at a fraction of the weight of a lead acid battery.



Our founders Denis and Sean started this all from their garage with two companies in mind. Dragonfly Energy specifically for manufacturers. And Battle Born Batteries so consumers could get the best battery solution and customer service experience possible. No matter what your system, having the right power plan on board is a game changer. With our lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, you can get out there and stay out there while enjoying all the comforts of your Keystone Montana RV.


Say goodbye to battery anxiety and hello to boondocking with this revolutionary combination of style and technology.


Kyle from Drivin’ and Vibin’ uses Battle Born Batteries in his own systems. He puts our batteries to the test in the Montana Super SolarFlex system. Check out how far Kyle pushed our batteries here: