What Is Backup Power and Why Is It Important?

backup power

Businesses that rely on constant and consistent electricity need the assurance that they will be able to power their equipment when they need it most. However, while many take solace in the advanced power grid systems available in our modern world, drawbacks in the form of severe outages are still prevalent and can create serious issues for organizations across multiple industries. To combat this, Dragonfly Energy has developed industrial backup power solutions that are designed to keep your operations moving at full pace.

How Does Backup Power Work?

Battle Born Batteries power system with Victron Energy components

Many backup power systems often require fuel-powered generators that either start automatically or are required to be turned on in order to provide power during a period of outage, but stored backup power systems do not. These types of systems use high-quality batteries to provide supplemental power without any interruption. Instead of charging your backup power bank for when you need it, your equipment runs through it and then connects to the grid. This is similar in concept to how a laptop operates – during an outage, laptops do not lose power at all as the supply comes from the battery first and grid power second.

Benefits of Using a Backup Power System

  • Avoid damage associated with power outages. Increasing environmental disasters lead to more power outages and surges that can damage equipment.
  • Keep critical equipment running without interruption. Industries that use life-saving or other highly important equipment can’t afford to lose power – even for a moment.
  • Reduce lost time and save money. Paying crews to stand around when the power is out costs money and is detrimental to tight project timelines.

Choose Dragonfly Energy for Industrial Backup Power Solutions

Our backup power solutions are our own, designed and tested in our lab in Reno, Nevada. This means that we stand behind the products we offer and strive to create more affordable and practical solutions to help you stay connected. Order now to implement an industrial backup power system in your business.

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