Dragonfly Energy Brings On Wakespeed® Offshore

Deal Strengthens Dragonfly’s Advanced Technology Offering for Customers and Manufacturing Partners

Dragonfly Energy has acquired the assets and intellectual property portfolio of Wakespeed® Offshore in a move that provides Dragonfly’s original equipment manufacturing (OEM) arm and consumer brand, Battle Born Batteries, the ability to offer complete alternator-connected systems for marine and RV consumers and manufacturers. Wakespeed offers a unique alternator regulator and several other devices focused on energy systems that are charged by a vehicle alternator. Wakespeed’s product line continues to be offered to specialty OEM manufacturers and customers but is now additionally offered alongside the innovative product lines of Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries.

Al Thomason and Rick Jones, Wakespeed founders and developers of this new generation of charge control technology, also join the Dragonfly team, bringing with them more than 50 years of combined electrical system design and marine system know-how to the new venture. Together, they designed products to work seamlessly with complete alternator-driven systems, such as those developed by Dragonfly.

“Wakespeed is very respected in our markets and, for quite a while, we have been extremely impressed with their ability to integrate with almost any mobile electrical system,” Dr. Denis Phares, CEO of Dragonfly Energy, said. “With Al and Rick joining our company, their expertise and knowledge combined with our systems allow us to offer our customers and manufacturing partners an advanced level of technology for their equipment needs. It’s the boost we’ve been looking for to raise the bar and provide a more complete solution for our target markets.”

“When being implemented into larger systems such as 24v and 48v applications, it’s absolutely essential to have products that work seamlessly for our customers,” Jones said. “The merging of these technologies is incredibly exciting for me and the whole team here at Wakespeed.”

Wakespeed designed and manufactured a smart DC charge control system for the marine, RV and commercial transportation industries. The WS500 advanced alternator regulator is the first regulator on the market to communicate with the engine and battery systems, offering the unique ability to regulate based on voltage, current and alternator temperature. This regulation is crucial for effective alternator charging of the new generation LiFePO4 lithium-ion batteries.

“Wakespeed has enjoyed significant growth and widespread acceptance in the industry,” Thomason said. “Joining Dragonfly allows us to quickly scale up to better serve the needs of existing and future customers.”

The manufacturing and assembly of Wakespeed products will move in-house to Dragonfly’s Reno, Nevada-headquartered facility from its current location in Washington state. The WS500 alternator regulator product, including cables, wiring and connectors, is now available through Dragonfly and Battle Born.

To learn more, visit BattleBornBatteries.com.

About Dragonfly Energy

Dragonfly Energy Corp., headquartered in Reno, Nevada, is a leading battery technology company. Dragonfly’s battery products are researched, designed and assembled in the USA, and the Company is revolutionizing the energy storage industry through innovative technologies and manufacturing processes. Today, Dragonfly’s non-toxic deep cycle lithium-ion batteries are displacing lead-acid batteries across a wide range of end-markets, including recreational vehicles, marine vessels, off-grid installations and other storage applications. Dragonfly is also focused on delivering an energy storage solution that enables a more sustainable and reliable smart grid through the future deployment of the Company’s proprietary and patented solid-state cell technology. To learn more, visit DragonflyEnergy.com.

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