Dragonfly Energy Solar Panel Mounting

Industrial Solar Integration

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many options for industrial solar installations. When it comes to installation, there are two main methods for installation: ground-mounted solar panels and solar panel pole mounts. These mounting systems require specific wind and snow load ratings and depend on the end users preference. 

Solar Panel Pole Mount

 Ground-mounted solar panel solutions are designed to work seamlessly with lithium batteries and provide a hassle-free installation process. Solar panel mounting systems are available in pole and ground mount options, making it easier to customize and adapt to different solar installations.

The ability to mount an array up to 25 feet in the air can be the difference between a system with full autonomy and a system that shuts down prematurely. The two main ways modules are mounted for industrial use are suspended in the air via solar panel pole mounts or ground-mounted arrays. Solar panel mounting to the ground or on a pole requires specific wind and snow load ratings. Both methods are extremely effective and dependent on the end user’s preference. 

Industrial Solar Integration displayed with an outdoor solar set up.

How To Mount Solar Panels

Ground-mounted solar panels are installed directly to the surface, typically using racking systems built with specific wind and snow loads for the installation site. Ground-mounted arrays often require robust foundations/penetration points depending on the size and layout of the array, as well as the option for the tilt to be adjusted to maintain high efficiency. Adjustable solar panel mounts typically consist of a base that attaches to a concrete pad or roof and vertical legs to achieve a due south-facing array.  

The lateral rails have channels that attach to the vertical legs.  The top channels are slotted for the mid and end clamps to attach the modules to the railing.  The mid-clamps also include integrated grounding. This method has been the most common means of mounting larger solar arrays unless space isn’t an issue or the array is oversized for solar panel pole mounting. 

Side Rack Solar Pole Mounts

On the other hand, solar panel pole mounts are mounted to the top or side of the pole using racking systems built with specific wind and snow loads for the installation site. Top-of-pole mounts typically use a gimbal to attach the rail, which secures the module to the mount.  

The side of solar panel pole mounts uses the channel to attach the pole to the railing, which secures the module to the mount.  The lower section of the rail is extended away from the bottom channel with arms to adjust the overall tilt.  This method is common for smaller arrays on sites with limited space. Higher pole mounts help prevent theft and vandalism. 

Dragonfly Energy Solar Mount Options

Dragonfly Energy offers a wide range of batteries perfect for industrial solar applications where solar panel pole mounts and ground-mounted solar panels are used. The decision on how to mount solar panels, whether through ground-mounted arrays or suspended pole mounts, depends on various factors such as space availability, snow load, wind speed considerations, and adherence to ANSI standards. Wind speed considerations are a major factor mainly pertaining to the structural integrity and stability of the array. 

solar panels facing the sun outside

The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has initiated the standards used for structurally mounting solar modules, ensuring safe installation practices that way they can be relied upon.  Most mounts look to have upwards of 90-130 miles per hour of coverage (sometimes up to 185mph). Ground-mounted arrays are known for their reliability and ease of installation, while suspended/adjustable pole mounts require a lot of consideration of structural integrity, stability, and wind speed coverage. Dragonfly Energy’s batteries provide the necessary power autonomy for industrial solar systems, regardless of the solution picked. 

Final Thoughts

Dragonfly Energy provides comprehensive solutions for industrial solar applications through its extensive line of batteries and solar panel mounting systems. With options for ground-mounted solar panels and solar panel pole mounts, you can customize their solar installations to meet specific requirements.

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