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Specializing in Remote Solar Power Systems, Pole Mounted Solar, Ground Mount Solar, Battery Backup Solar, Off-Grid Solar, DC Coupled Solar, AC Coupled Solar, Portable Solar, Hybrid Solar, Complete Solar Systems, Solar Smart Meter Readers, Oil and Gas Solar, Solar Monitoring, Solar Traffic Signs, Solar Security Cameras, Solar Water Management, Solar Farm Surveillance. Solar Lighting, Intelligent Transportation Solar, Industrial Solar Power, Standalone Solar Power, and Railway Transportation Controls Solar.

Pole Mounted

Solar Systems

Complete pre-assembled pole mount solar systems for:

Ground Mounted

Solar Systems

Complete pre-assembled ground mount solar systems for:

AC/DC Coupling

Solar Systems

Complete line of battery back-up solar systems for:

Solar Safety Enhancement

Our systems are a trusted solution for reliable remote solar power

Dragonfly Energy
Industrial Solar

Dragonfly Energy is the leader in LiFeP04 batteries and a major wholesale distributor of photovoltaic modules and system components. We focus on supplying dealer, contractor, and industrial accounts worldwide with dependable, cost-effective battery storage and solar system solutions. Because of our tried and trusted products and qualifications, we ensure the components in our systems are top-quality and reliable in any environment, making their deployment acceptable for utilities, oil and gas, and other markets that depend on continuous power.
With an extensive and experienced background, our Industrial Solar Specialists have designed off grid solar systems to power SCADA, smart meter monitoring, recreational vehicles, water management, outdoor lighting, site security equipment, and more. All Dragonfly Energy Industrial Solar Systems are designed for remote industrial off-grid applications and built to withstand harsh environments.

Remote Solar System Design
and Support Services

Customized Procedure

Our Industrial Solar Specialists will review the power requirements of your application and suggest a “turnkey” solution for continuous power all year. We’ll use our proprietary sizing calculator to provide load calculations and a reliable system price at no additional cost, and quotes that include a full system based off your nominal voltage, location, and power consumption(s).

Designed for Your Application

We offer complete off-grid solar system design to fit your application needs, detailed with comprehensive sizing showing battery autonomy and load to array ratios. All systems are designed to meet local and national standards and are guaranteed to perform.

Providing Standalone Power

Our systems can be installed anywhere in the world and ensure total system performance. With our software, we design systems that are guaranteed to provide accurate power and energy performance levels.

Monitoring for Efficiency

To ensure system performance, we offer monitoring solutions and services to give insight on the output of their solar systems, immediate response to events affecting system performance, and delivery information about performance and benefits of the solar source.

Dedicated Technical Support

All systems that are sized and supplied by Dragonfly Energy are backed by USA-based technical support for the lifetime of the system.

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For ordering information or to learn more, contact our team of Industrial Solar Integration Specialists.