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Dragonfly Energy Industrial Solar Systems are a trusted solution for reliable remote solar power. Our team of specialists will work with Contractors, System Integrators, Dealers, OEM, and Government Agencies to help design or choose the right solar system for safety and longevity, specific to each application.
Our process is simple. You’ll provide each load draw (in amps or watts), nominal voltage(s), run time, and site location. Once your System Specialist receives your project details, we’ll work out your recommended sizing and system, always to include the latest in modules, charge controllers, and battery advancements and delivered ready to install and operate.

UL and ETL Listings for Industrial Solar Systems

UL Listed Dragonfly Energy Line of Solar Systems

Our UL Listed Solar Power Systems feature a one-of-a-kind UL Listed Industrial Control Panel and are designed to be installed in harsh environments. UL Listing labels are located inside the battery enclosures.

What is the Official UL Definition of an Industrial Control Panel?

To allow the installer to properly install the panel in accordance with the National Electrical Code and other codes, electrical ratings and instructions are to be clearly explained on the panel, using a certified panel shop to test and certify your control panel.

What is Covered by the UL Listing Mark?

The UL Listing label on the components installed within the enclosure, panel-mounted components, and components mounted to the outside walls of the enclosure at the manufacturer’s facility are covered by the UL Listing.
The UL Listing label on an open type of industrial control panel only covers the mounting subpanel and those components that are mounted to the subpanel at the manufacturer’s facility. Please note that the UL Listing label on an industrial control panel does not include coverage for the connected loads or utilization equipment, even if provided by the panel manufacturer. The UL Listing label also does not include coverage of any components shown on the wiring diagram that are indicated as being field provided or as being mounted remotely from the industrial control panel.

What Requirements Apply to a UL Listed Industrial Control Panel?

The requirements for industrial control panels rated 1,000 volts or less for installation in standard locations are specified by UL, the Standard for Safety. For Canada, the basic requirements are within CSA C22.2 No. 14-2013, Industrial Control Equipment.

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The use of remote solar power systems continues to grow at an exponential rate across the globe. To keep the worldwide infrastructure of remote applications running at optimal levels, installing a dependable system of solar and batteries that deliver instantaneous reserve power is not only desirable, but essential.
When it comes to the performance of your Dragonfly Energy Solar Power System, system failure is not an option. You need instant, reliable continuous power–it’s the only way to protect your vital equipment or sustain your critical emergency systems. That’s why Dragonfly Energy is always working to bring new technology and solutions to optimize remote energy services to the field. We are deeply committed to helping create electrical solutions that will function more efficiently and deliver more affordable, reliable power with reduced environmental impact.

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