What is a cycle?


A complete cycle refers to the sequential charge and discharge of a pack or a cell. For a single LiFePO4 cell, such as those that comprise the Dragonfly Energy packs, the conventional way to “cycle” is to discharge at a constant current, until the cell voltage hits a prescribed voltage (around 2.2V), and then to charge up to a prescribed voltage (typically around 3.65V) using a constant current / constant voltage procedure (CC/CV). CC/CV means the cell is charged initially at a constant current up to the prescribed voltage, after which it is held at the voltage until the current drops to a prescribed low level (maybe 1% of the initial charging current).
For a 12V pack, one cycle refers to a complete discharge (from full to empty) followed by a complete charge (bulk charge up to 14.4V, and absorption charge at 14.4V).