Northern Arizona: Investing in The Success of Their Customers and Their Goals

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Northern Arizona Wind & Sun is a family owned and operated business located in Flagstaff, Arizona since 1979. Many of their first projects were installing 30W solar panels on Hogans located on the Navajo reservation. David Lauzon, President of the company explained, “The nearest power line was often 50+ miles away, along with the nearest paved road. Our years of hands-on experience and education have become assets as our company continues to grow. Whether you need a pumping system, an off-grid system for your home, cabin, RV, boat or a grid-tie system for your home or business, our design specialists will work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase”.


The people at Northern Arizona Wind & Sun have immense knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the solar industry. They can explain everything from qualifying tax credits to ensuring your system will meet National Electrical Code (NEC) standards. We are extremely happy to have them be part of our dealer program and are confident that their business will continue to grow due to their amazing designing and types of solar systems they provide.

Family Owned

One of the first systems David’s dad ever installed.

The company was started in 1979 by David Lauzon’s Father and by 1981 it was incorporated. “My dad worked on a rescue sub in Vietnam, he was the electronics tech that specialized in the dc electronics and the batteries on the sub.  This is what gave him the technical knowledge needed to start the company.   Our family has owned a 160-acre homestead on the rim of the Grand Canyon for over six generations. The property is very remote.  My dad got into solar after Vietnam because of the need to provide power to this property.  He got a working solar system going and realized he could make a business doing this,” beamed David.


By the late 90’s the Lauzon family hard started one of the first solar e-commerce websites in the world. Their interests also allowed them to create a successful forum known as, the Northern Arizona Wind & Sun Solar Forum.

Customer Experience

The products chosen by the team for customers are based off quality, reliability, and support from the manufacturers. They take pride in offering high quality equipment with very reliable designs. Northern Arizona Wind & Sun take care of their customers extremely well and do everything in their power to keep everyone happy.




Northern Arizona Wind and Sun currently have a small team of dedicated engineers that truly believe in what they do.


Whether its off-grid, grid-tie with battery backup, Mobile, oil and gas, cathodic protection or Telecommunications. Northern Arizona Wind and Sun specialize in battery system designs of any type. They will make sure you have everything you need in time.


One of the images included on this page features one of the first systems David’s dad ever installed. This belongs to one of their neighbors in the Grand Canyon and he is still using most of the original equipment!


If you’d like to learn more information about their services, please check out their website here.

You can also keep up with the team on their Facebook page.


Here at Dragonfly Energy, we are extremely honored to work with such great people and thank everyone for the support.