Dragonfly Energy LiFePO4 batteries installed on the SV Delos

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We are happy to announce that our European distribution partners at Transporter Energy have completed an install of our deep cycle lithium ion batteries on the SV Delos.   Last year, we inked an exclusive distribution deal with Transporter Energy to distribute Dragonfly Energy deep cycle lithium batteries under the Transporter name, within the UK and Europe.   

Transporter Energy is a battery distributor and van builder based in East Sussex, UK.  Justin Richardson, a managing partner at Transporter Energy, was in Grenada this week to meet up with Captain Brian Trautman of the SV Delos.  Over the last couple of days, they installed 8 of Dragonfly Energy’s 100 ah lithium deep cycle batteries on board the SV Delos. 

The SV Delos is a world famous sailing vessel, that began circumnavigating the globe in 2009.  The crew is headed up by Capt. Brian Trautman, who left behind a career in software development and began sailing around the world full time.  You can see more about the adventure of the SV Delos Crew here and also you can watch their journey unfold here. 



Captain Breeyawn is very happy with the batteries, “The batteries rock. It’s so amazing to see the voltage stay up so high even when taking 100 amps out of the bank @ 24V , and then when we charge them they just take current until they’re charged.  So very different than the lead-acid ones where the charging current drops off and seems to take forever to fully charge. ”

The new LiFePO4 system was a drop-in replacement for the old and outdated lead acid batteries.  The team also installed a Victron 3000 Multiplus 24 volt to 230vac inverter charger, Victron Blue Solar Charge controller and the upgrades didn’t stop there.  The whole point of upgrading the battery bank on the SV Delos was to add in an induction cooktop from True Induction and Electric Kenyon City Grill.

With the extra power on board, Trautman and crew are happy to entertain lots of friends in port, “I just cooked a curry last night for 15 people onboard fully powered by Lithium power on the induction stove and I found the galley to be much cooler without all the wasted heat from the propane stove.”  They are also happy that they switched to lithium, it allowed them to get rid of the LPG stove and oven.  “Delos is now self-sufficient cooking off solar and wind power.  No more hunting around random countries seeking out propane refills and different tank adapters at every port.  Not having to store a highly flammable gas onboard is really a big deal ” says Captain Brian.   

The Dragonfly Energy team is very excited to have our equipment on board the SV Delos.  We feel that our product is a perfect fit for this project.  “Our lithium ion batteries literally dropped in replace the lead acid batteries on the SV Delos.  With just a few changes to the profile on the Victron inverter charger and solar charge controller.  The extra power on board alleviates battery anxiety when out at sea.  It has been a pleasure working with our partners at Transporter and SV Delos on this project,” Sean Nichols, COO of Dragonfly Energy. 

We are looking forward to working with Transporter Energy, as their business grows in Europe and the UK.  Stay tuned for more details about Transporter Energy and their future projects, including a Mercedes Sprinter named after our home state Nevada and the first all electric European Airstream trailer.