How do I change my batteries to Dragonfly Energy Lithium Batteries?


Whenever installing a new battery system, it is important to consider both the appliances and devices that will be powered by the battery and the charging system that will be used to charge the battery. Most Li-ion batteries are NOT drop-in replacements for your lead acid battery. They may operate at different voltages, and may require a charging algorithm that is not compatible with your lead acid charging system. However, at Dragonfly Energy, we make a Lithium ion drop-in replacement for your lead acid battery that is compatible with your 12 Volt devices and charging systems. Lead acid batteries vary a little bit in terms of their charging algorithms, depending on whether they are flooded, sealed, gel, or AGM. Most chargers accommodate these variations by allowing some level of programmability, such that absorption and charging voltage may be varied. Dragonfly Energy batteries are designed to be charged up to a typical peak voltage of around 14.4-14.6 V. Once fully charged, they can be allowed to float at a similar voltage to lead acid (13.6V). Although it is not necessary to float the batteries, because the charge leakage is much smaller in Li-ion than in lead acid batteries. The battery management system on all Dragonfly Energy packs ensures the battery will protect itself in case errant voltages are introduced. So, get rid of your old unreliable lead acid batteries, drop in a Dragonfly Energy pack, and go. It’s that simple.